Villagers at Home and at Play

In portraying villagers at leisure in and around their homes, Durdy Bayramov offers an intriguing glimpse of Turkmen clothing, shelter, family life, landscape, and traditions. Women are shown as the gatekeepers of their homes and caretakers of their families and communities. They wore long dresses, or koynek, over embroidered balak trousers, and a headscarf known as a yaglyk. Turkmen men were historically animal herders and spent most of their time outside. Their everyday attire consisted of a long robe called a don and a sheep wool hat, or telpek, which protected them from overheating in the summer and from cold air in winter.

We also see lively young people engaged in activities similar to those enjoyed by their peers in cities, such as playing ball with friends, learning how to draw, or riding bicycles. Durdy Bayramov expertly and lovingly captured the powerful feelings of comradery and community that radiate from these scenes.

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